About Locks Stock and Stuff

Welcome to Locks, Stock and Stuff LLC.  We are a brand new company founded in July 2021!  How did we get our name?  Well that's a fun story.  Have you ever heard the expression, "Lock, stock and barrel"?  It basically means selling everything, but really how many people buy barrels anymore?  So we decided to change it to stuff, which is more accurate and still encompasses the everything we sell.  We sell via many different avenues, and in many ways.  

Owned and operated by Ashley Medina, based in LaGrange, Ga.  We are not just another temporary online shop.  We work hard to find and provide you with value, and plan to be here for the long haul.  We are a real family and small business, here is a family photo:

What exactly do we sell?

Locks - This one is obvious.  We sell Locks, as well as other important items you need, but don't really think about.

Stock - What things do you stock in your home?  What things do you hate to run out of?  What is it that you are always running out of?  What to you wish you had more of?  What are the things you need to live your daily life?  These are all of the types of things we sell here.

Stuff - Everyone loves stuff.  Have you ever seen something online, or out and about that you didn't know existed, but it was perfect for you?  This is the fun stuff you will find here.  Typically there will be an assortment of games, specialty, novelty and gift items. All fun!

Where do we get the stuff that we sell?

We source our items from a variety of places.  Mostly reputable distributors so that we can provide you with the brands you love at rockbottom prices.